Operation Shoulder to Shoulder (OSS) is a nonprofit organization made up of people who have either served or worked as government contractors and want to make a difference in this difficult situation.

The people involved in this organization are truly concerned with the wellbeing of the allies left behind.

Help us respond to the current humanitarian disaster in Afghanistan and the war in Ukraine by making a donation today.

Op shoulder2shoulder

Help Us Help Ukraine

With the invasion of Ukraine, a sovereign country by the Russian military, we have decided to open the aperture up to all those oppressed who are seeking sanctuary where they can feel safe from those who wish them harm.

Like our motto “Shoulder to Shoulder”, we intend to stick by our commitment like our partners have done for us.




OSS services target partners who have been loyal partners to the USG for over 20 years.
Our services focus on expediting the Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) process in order to repatriate and resettle vetted immigrants.


OSS will assist anyone who is having issues with departing their respective country with documentation, life support and travel. A large part of this process entails the application process for a Special Immigrant Visa (SIV), passports, etc.

Enduring Mentorship

At OSS, we believe in providing reach back capabilities for any and all issues that may be known or unforeseen. We see each participant as an extended family member, and we wish nothing but the utmost success in their respective pathways. Each member will be assigned a mentor who will stay connected to them for as long as they require our assistance. Like our motto, “Shoulder to Shoulder” we intend to stand with them every step of the way.


OSS has extensive experience with resettling those individuals / families with housing, subsistence, and basic life support until they are able to support themselves. A large part of what OSS does is ensure each member is enabled with all the resources at our disposal to ensure a seamless transition in every aspect of their lives ~ personally, professionally, and financially.

  • Cultural Awareness
    Many who are re-locating to the United States may need some cultural training in order to facilitate an easy and seamless transition. This training focuses on language immersion, differences between their respective culture and the United States. Our goal is to make this transition, as easy as possible for their seamless assimilation into American society.
  • Job Skills
    Having tangible skills that translate into an existing profession or a desired new profession starts with job skills training in their desired field. Whether they are already possessing these skills or seek a new profession, OSS is networked with several local businesses, as well as with academic institutions for more technical trades.
  • Language
    For many of our OSS participants, English is not their primary language. This can cause significant stress on them and may deter them from perusing their passions. OSS can assist with language training necessary to remove language barriers prohibiting them from meeting their needs.
  • Career Development
    At OSS, we have an extensive network of professionals who are successful business owners, proprietors and entrepreneurs who are more than willing impart their knowledge to our participants. Our goal is to ensure they have all our resources at their disposal to pursue careers of their own.